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Third Party Packaging

It was beyond anyone’s belief and hope that the small business of RPGS Spices would reach such great heights as it is today and would create a yardstick in the Indian spice trade. It went on rising its production potential year on year, with the best available equipment. These spices are produced with specially chosen ingredients from spice growers across the nation. We use low-temperature grinding equipment to retain the flavor of spices. A perfect blend of taste & nutrition is a trait of RPGS Spices.

We offer these spices in customized packing to meet the customer’s requirements and in our customer’s own brand name as well. We encourage third party manufacturers as our valued business partners. RPGS Spices are synonymous with authenticity, distinctiveness and brilliance since its inception. Our idea to offer opportunities for third party manufacturers is very simple. We want to join more and more participants in our Endeavor and fulfill the requirement of the customers and the spice industry. Our aim is to provide similar opportunities to all our Third-Party Packaging so that they also grow consistently. Our well-developed infrastructure is managed by professionals and equipped with modern machinery which is hygienically maintained.

Bulk Packaging

Spice and herbs delight our palate, add vibrant color to our plates, and add delectable flavor to our meals. To keep your fragrant spices and herbs fresh, it is imperative that the spice and herb packaging you choose be air-tight; keeping unwanted moisture and odors out. RPGS Spices stocks an innovative collection of unique seasoning bags and spice packaging ideas for brands looking for a simple and easy way to package and promote their product.

Resealable packaging is the best packaging for spices since these food pouch bags offer barrier protection against outside moisture and odors. In addition, our spice packaging and herb packaging is resealable, reusable, and extremely light-weight; an ideal packaging alternative to traditional bulky bottles, jars, and cans. All of our airtight food packaging bags are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to meet your specific need.

Cold Storage

3 Chambers of cold storage for different family of spices & herbs, depending upon their aroma, fragrance, moisture and temperature required.

Our cold storage chambers are equipped with Evaporative Condensers these highly efficient equipment helps to maintain consistent cooling and control temperature with uniformity.

Dual entry exit system for fast movement.

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